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Webroot DNS Protection

Security and privacy combined in a protective filtering system.

Certified Reseller!

Tursa Group is a certified Webroot DNS Protection reseller! When purchasing through Tursa Group, your company will receive custom training videos and support from our team on how to use Webroot DNS Protection, and how to maximize the use of the platform.

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DNS Protection For Your Business

Today’s businesses need secure, private, manageable and visible control over internet traffic.

The current domain name system (DNS) simply resolves internet requests through a global system of servers, then translates those requests into their unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But this vital service was not designed with security in mind and many DNS exploits and vulnerabilities now exist.

By using a protective DNS service like Webroot® DNS Protection organizations control their networks and maintain the security, privacy and visibility they need to protect IT infrastructure and users, even those working remotely.

Its primary aim is to create a highly secure, private, resilient and manageable connection to the internet. Automated filtering uses Webroot BrightCloud® Internet Threat Intelligence to automatically block requests to undesirable, dangerous or malicious internet domains, even encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests.

This filtering alone stops most internet threats before they can infect networks or endpoints. It helps organizations achieve the management control over their DNS connection recommended by the joint NSA and CISA Guidance on Strengthening Cyber Defense Through Protective DNS.

What is DNS Protection?

DNS Protection establishes a robust, private, and resilient internet connection with automatic blocking of requests to undesirable, harmful, or malicious domains, including encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests.

DNS filtering comes highly recommended by both the NSA and CISA, as it effectively prevents the majority of internet threats before they can cause infection.

Why is DNS Protection needed?

The existing domain name system (DNS) lacks a security-oriented design; its primary function is to resolve internet requests and convert them into corresponding Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This clear text service is susceptible to exploitation by malicious entities in various ways.

Utilizing a safeguarding solution such as Webroot DNS Protection empowers organizations to manage their networks effectively, ensuring the necessary security and privacy to safeguard users, including those who are remote or roaming, from accessing malicious websites.

Webroot's Security and Privacy

  • Prevent incoming malware and thwart DNS-related attacks.

  • Implement and uphold internet usage policies that are enforceable.

  • Ensure visibility into and control over DNS over HTTPS (DoH), including filtering and security measures.

  • Choose deployment options, such as utilizing a standalone DNS agent or integrating with Webroot Endpoint Protection.

Choose Us As Your  Webroot Endpoint Protection Provider!

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