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Calculate Your Onboarding Cost Of New IT Staff - Is The Solution Temporary IT Staff?

Have you been struggling with hiring new IT staff? A study done by Resources For Employers suggests you're not alone. In fact, they determined it takes around 30 days to hire a new tech worker, while the retention rate to keep a tech employee is only around 18 months. This on-boarding process can cost your company THOUSANDS of dollars per year in downtime, and training. If you're interested in calculating you're own company's turnover rate and onboarding costs, Colin Matthes has created an online calculator in Google Sheets that you can access here: (Click Here For Google Sheet).

In this Google Sheet, you can calculate the cost of your company's turnover rate, hiring fees, training fees, downtime loss, etc..

So what's the solution to avoid company downtime, and all the extra costs your company might acquire during the onboarding phase of IT workers? Our solution is deploying temporary IT staff into your organization to provide additional IT support capacity until your company finds someone permanent to fill the role. Our temporary workers are available both part-time and full-time and are readily available to work for your organization within 48 hours of deployment. Our tech staff would work on a month-to-month basis with your company until your team finds the right person for the role, so your commitment level is very low!

A common question we get asked is, "What's the cost of hiring a tech worker through Tursa Group?".

Here's what it will cost you:

  • Tier 1 IT Staff: Part-Time $2500/month + tax

  • Tier 1 IT Staff: Full-Time $4500/month + tax

(Tursa Group also has Tier 2 tech workers available. Contact us to learn more!)

Another common question we often get asked is "How long would it take to get set up?"

Our setup process is simple:

  • Step 1: staff interviews

  • Step 2: Training on internal process

  • Step 3: Away we go!

This 3-step process would take around 48 hours to complete and would allow our tech workers to become fluent within your company. After 48 hours our tech workers would be up to speed and working to help fill your IT support capacity needs. Our team would also be able to help train your new tech employees to help them get up to speed within your organization once you find the right person to hire. Our IT staff are flexible and would be able to stay as long as you need them.

So the next time your organization is looking to hire new IT staff, consider the possibility of hiring a temporary worker to keep your business running, costs low, and clients happy.

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